A long time ago...

A child was born.  Given the name Melissa by my parents, I grew up to be who I am today.  Melissa in Greek means HoneyBee.  I have always loved that about my name.  Over the years I have done many things.  I started out like many other children going to school.  But my life was different...my Father was a Navy man....after High School I followed in his footsteps like he did his father and joined the Navy.  After serving for 11 years I chose to leave the Military to join the ranks of civilian.   

Along the Way...

...I became a Mother of 2 great kids.  I stayed home for a few years to spend more time with my kids.  To make up for the time I missed while in the Navy,  Eventually I found that I trully missed working and returned to the work force.  Since moving to PA my 2 kids and I have been through quite a lot and  learned many things.  One day in March of 2017, I met a great guy, Nick.  As we got to know each other more we met each others kids and spent more time together.  After a year together we have transformed into a family, and got married May 30th, 2018.  With many more years to go join us in our journey of discovery and adventures.

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